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Your new premium quality Luxury Vinyl floor is very durable and will last many years if you follow these simple maintenance and cleaning instructions.

Please be aware that your maintenance and cleaning practices may affect you warranty. There are so many different chemicals in our homes nowadays that it is impossible to describe all scenarios and predict all consequences. Please use caution, and, if you decided to use a new solution, it is always a good idea to try it on a small surface.



Luxury Vinyl floors are more durable than hardwood floors, engineered hardwood, laminated floors, etc. However, even most durable surfaces can be damaged, therefore, please follow our guideline below.

Best practices for maintaining your LVP floor:

  • Use dollies or pads when moving heavy furniture;

  • Use protective felt pads under chairs, tables, etc.;

  • Do not put latex and rubber mats directly on the vinyl floors (sometimes chemicals in the mats may react with chemicals in the floor);

  • Do not use resurfacing coating;

  • Be careful when using various masking  tapes. Some of them contain aggressive chemicals that may affect the finish of your floor when removed;

  • Avoid using wax – the floor has its own coating;

  • Avoid flooding the floor. What to do if your floor is flooded will depend on the method of installation. Please refer to Installation Methods.



For regular cleaning, to ensure that your floor will look as beautiful as on the day you bought it, please follow the guideline below.

Everyday cleaning:

  • Sweep and vacuum using suitable tools and attachments;

  • Wash floors with water, non-abrasive mops and cloths;

  • For stains, use vinyl cleaners i.e. TileLab Heavy-Duty Stripper&Cleaner.


Best practices for removing tough stains:

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners and attachments;

  • Avoid using detergents, bleaches and vinegar;

  • Avoid using sharp instruments when removing dry substances;

  • Use nail polish remover for nail polish spills;

  • Use mineral spirits, isopropyl or alcohol to remove tough stains;

  • Use 10-to1 dilution of water to liquid bleach.

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