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Excelsior Flooring is owned and operated by Anton Ugandeev and Paul Riches who have dedicated their career to the importation and distribution of LVP flooring, and this one product alone. A non-click LVP (commonly referred to as a loose-lay or glue-down) has been manufactured in a variety of ways from one country to another in order to create a more competitively priced plank. But time and time again, the industry has seen failures in doing so. As a consequence, it was important to Anton and Paul to ensure that there was no cutting back on the quality of the product and to focus on the manufacturing process which had consistently created the best and most trusted, high performing LVP known to the world. The South Korean calendar method of extruding vinyl to build the perfect LVP is unquestionable and it is our pleasure to bring this into North America.

Through extensive travel and careful analysis of the more reputable manufacturers of LVP in South Korea, Anton and Paul have created a strategic alliance to represent the sales and customer service interests of just a couple. In doing so, Excelsior Flooring operates to ensure that our customers are able to source product through a sales office on home soil, without language barriers and in real time. No request is ever regarded as being too difficult or too awkward. If you are not familiar with the product on offer and the variety of specifications available for your retail, residential or other commercial applications, just ask the Excelsior team.

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#309-197 Forester Street,

North Vancouver, BC

V7H 0A6, Canada


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